• Can I vote more than once for a company in the same sub-category?
    No, only one of your votes will count. However, you may vote for the same company if they are listed in a different sub-category. If you really want to help a company win, here are a couple of ideas:

    • Share the voting page with your friends and family.
    • Review the company on Google, Yelp, and Facebook. (We count votes AND reviews.)
  • Does our company need to be located within the Treasure Valley?
    Yes, for a company to be eligible, the published address needs to be in the Treasure Valley, or more specifically, Ada or Canyon Counties. Companies outside this area may apply for special consideration if they primarily do business within the boundaries.
  • Why is the 2019 contest being run at the end of 2018?
    The Best of Treasure Valley™ Magazine will be published in January, 2019 and will give the winning companies the recognition they deserve all year long.
  • What are the stages of the Best of Treasure Valley™ contest?
    There are three stages of the contest, all of which you may influence to your advantage. (Read the following three sections for specifics.)

    • Stage 1: Nominations
    • Stage 2: Voting
    • Stage 3: Reviews
  • How do nominations work? (Stage 1)
    Anyone with a valid email address and a Treasure Valley zip code can nominate an eligible company for any Best of Treasure Valley™ category. For our 2019 contest, the nomination period is from Aug. 27, 2018 to Sep. 12, 2018. Nominations are subject to BoTV approval to ensure the category is relevant to the company. Companies with the top nomination counts within a subcategory (maximum 10) will advance to Stage 2.
  • How does voting work? (Stage 2)
    Voting is done online on this website. Anyone with a valid email address and a Treasure Valley zip code can vote for their favorite companies. To retain the most reliable results, participants are restricted to one vote per category. The voting period is throughout the month of October, 2018.
  • How do reviews work? (Stage 3)
    This is where the BoTV contest shines! Rather than just a popularity contest of votes, we also consider your online reviews from the previous 12 calendar months prior to October 31, 2018. Your overall rating and the number of 5-star reviews (average, if multiple locations) you have on Google, Yelp, and Facebook are counted. Basically, the higher your rating and the more 5-star reviews you have, the better your chances are of winning.
  • How do we win the Best of Treasure Valley™ contest?
    Once you have made it to Stage 2, it comes down to the combination of 3 numbers. If you didn’t get the most votes, but your online reviews are spectacular, then it’s possible that you can beat out the company with the most votes. Vice versa, if you don’t have the best online reviews, but you overwhelmingly win the vote, then you still have a possibility of winning. Of course, your chances of winning are guaranteed if you’re the top company in all 3 numbers:

    • 5-Star Reviews
    • Online Rating
    • One-Time Votes
  • How do I get notifications for the voting and results?
    We provide email notifications when there’s news and information to share. Just be sure we have it! To sign up, click here.
  • How do we get in the magazine?
    All winners and top-3 companies will be mentioned in the full-color magazine. If you’d like to receive more prominent exposure, consider placing an ad. Sponsors, by the way, get exclusive discounts to magazine ads. To request investment options, send us a message.
  • How do we get on the website?
    There are two ways to get on our website. First, become a nominee or finalist within a category. Second, purchase banner ads to garner visibility, nominations, and votes. To see the available marketing options, click here.
  • How do we get 5-star reviews?
    It should go without saying, but you first have to deserve it by providing 5-star service. Happy customers are more likely to rate you with 5-stars. Second, make it easy for your happy customers to review you online without bribing them. We’ve partnered with RevenueJump to assist you with this step. For an exclusive BoTV discount, click here.
  • How do we get votes?
    If you get the word out to your friends, family, and customers, they’ll vote for you. We’ve provided a great selection of free and paid marketing materials to help you with this. To learn more, click here.
  • What if a nominee cheats or games the system?
    The integrity of the contest is of utmost importance to BoTV, its affiliates, and its finalists and winners. If, at our sole discretion, BoTV determines a nominee has blatantly attempted to unethically improve its standing in the contest, or hurt another nominee’s standing in the contest, BoTV may disqualify the nominee, or strip the finalist or winner of its title.
  • Can we compete for more than one sub-category?
    Yes, you may be nominated or voted for multiple sub-categories as long as they are relevant (subject to BoTV approval).
  • We won. Now what?
    First of all, congratulations! You know how many competitors you have in the Treasure Valley, so take a moment and enjoy it. Next, use your newly-obtained credential to enhance your marketing. This includes your website, social media, building, advertising, printed materials, voicemail scripts, sales pitches, etc. To assist you along the way, we’ll email you a list of resources. Just make sure you see it and open it to take full advantage.
  • Can I suggest a new category?
    Of course, we’re always open to new suggestions. Feel free to contact us. However, with approximately 200 categories, the most of any such contest in the Treasure Valley, we probably have you covered.